Examples On-Demand - Firewall Issues

Enterprise users who are behind a firewall  will face connection refused exceptions while trying to download the example projects from the MyEclipse Examples repository. This is because of the fact that the firewall used by the enterprises blocks all outgoing TCP links that aren't ftp, http, https, or some other well established outgoing port. EOD access from within MyEclipse 6.0.1 uses the anonymous CVS access port, 2401 which gets disallowed by the firewalls. 

The Workaround

To get an access to the EOD projects from behind a firewall the following steps have to occur

Make sure the EOD browser has been opened atleast once ( MyEclipse menu > Examples On-Demand ). This step ensures that the MyEclipse Examples repository location gets added to your CVS Repositories. Now when you open the CVS Repositories view ( Window > Show View > Team > CVS Repositories)  you should see a MyEclipse Examples repository as shown in the figure below.

CVS Repositories View

Right click on this entry and select Properties

MyEclipse Examples > Properties

In the CVS Properties dialog select the "Use Port" radio button and manually type in the port value as 443. Hit OK.

CVS Properties

Refresh the MyEclipse Examples node, expand the HEAD section under this and check out the project(s) that you are interested in as shown below.

CVS Checkout
This downloads the project(s) from the examples repository in to your workspace.

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